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El Toro Peak Acquisition (Edward Lazzarini)

Following the Save El Toro Association v. Days case described above, I represented a developer, now deceased, in negotiating an arrangement with land owners, the City of Morgan Hill and the County of Santa Clara, in which the parcel of land whose development was prevented by the Save El Toro case was granted development of[...]
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Addition to Mt. Madonna Park (Carolyn Nielson)

I represented the owner of a 400-acre parcel of open space land that fronts on Redwood Retreat Road and shared more than ½ mile of boundary with Mt. Madonna Park.  I helped persuade the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors to purchase the land as an addition to the Park.  The effort required overcoming vehement[...]
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Protection of Lumber Mill Operations for American Forest Products/Georgia Pacific (Richard Roby)

I represented American Forest Products, then a major California timber operation that was later absorbed by Georgia Pacific Corporation. Working with in house counsel (Mr. Roby), I conducted litigation against, and negotiations with, a local developer who was proposing commercial and residential development adjacent to the company’s local lumber mill (Martel area, County of Amador)[...]
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Tichinin v. City of Morgan Hill

(2009) 171 Cal.App.4th 1079, a Court of Appeal case, holding that attorneys have a right and duty to investigate their cases, and that retaliation against them by government for doing so is a violation of the First Amendment rights to petition and of free speech that is actionable under the Federal Civil Rights Act, 42[...]
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