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In 40 years of practice, Mr. Tichinin has established a respected reputation among his attorney peers and in the community as a precedent-setting litigator in the fields of land-use and real property law, who pioneered general plan, environmental and tree law in the California Supreme Court and Courts of Appeal.

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Of course, most of our clients only need the existing law to be applied to the facts of their cases out of court, rather than for new law to be created in court.  Mr. Tichinin excels at this as well.  Whether you are a developer who needs special assistance at City Hall to get your project approved, or an opponent of a bad project, or have a difficult neighbor who refuses to respect your boundary rights, quiet enjoyment or privacy, or whether you are a would-be or existing business owner who needs a contract or a lease reviewed, drafted or negotiated, or who needs the legal papers to create a general or limited partnership, a limited liability company, or a corporation, Mr. Tichinin has the skill, experience and tenacity to obtain the best result for you.